Wired Germany.  “More Women in Cybersecurity Would Make Computers More Secure,” (Mehr Frauen in der Cybersecurity würden Computer sicherer machen), By Anna Schughart (April 13)

The Week.  “The High-Tech Office of The Future Will Spy on You,” by Rosalie Chan (June 6)

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Rest in peace to my father, Mark Poster, 1941-2012, a pioneer of media, internet, and information studies, and a great dad.  See his obituary in the LA Times.

Winifred Poster, PhD

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In Memoriam

I'm doing the analysis on my latest project funded by the National Science Foundation, The Hidden Back Office of Info-Tech: Rural and Prison Sourcing of Information and Communication Technology Labor

My continuing source of inspiration and delight is the “Labor, Technology, Postcolonialism, and Feminism” reading group, which I founded with Kavita Philip and continue to organize and grow

See our spring meeting on Second Life hosted by Tom Boellstorff, for a discussion of Virtual Ability, Labor, Entrepreneurship and Technology

This past fall, I taught “Virtual Money Makes the World Go Round:  Paypal, Bitcoin, and The Politics of Demonetization” at Washington University, St. Louis.

See David Gerard answer questions for my class about his book “Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain”

October-November:  Presented “Maintenance Work for the Global Information Highway:  Village Data Processing Centers in India” at the Colloquium of the Centre for the Study of Social Systems, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India, and at the annual meeting of the Society for the History of Technology, St. Louis

April:  Visiting Scholar at Microsoft Research New England Lab, in Cambridge, Massachusetts

March:  Panelist for “Future of Work” Roundtable, G20 Sub-Forum for Think Tanks, Gateway House Indian Council on Global Relations, Mumbai.

March:  Presented “Who’s Tracking Whom?  Multi-surveillance of Labor in the Online Sex Trafficking Industry,” at Law, Technology and the Organization of Work, Spring Symposium of the Wefel Center for Employment Law, Saint Louis University School of Law

February: Panelist discussing “Labor and Technology for Design,” at the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago

January:  Workshop participant at “Mapping Inequalities Across the On-Demand Economy,” at Data & Society in New York

Cybersecurity Needs Women,” 2018.  Invited comment for Nature, 555(March):577-80.

Racial Surveillance in the Digital Service Economy,” Forthcoming chapter for Captivating Technology:  Race, Technoscience, and the Carceral Imagination, edited by Ruha Benjamin, Duke University Press

“Sound Bites, Sentiments, and Accents: Digitizing Communicative Labor in the Era of Global Outsourcing,” Forthcoming.  Chapter for digitalSTS:  A Handbook and Fieldguide, edited by David Ribes and Janet Vertesi, Princeton University Press

Gender Trouble in Cyberwar:  Multiple Masculinities and Femininities of a Cyberspy in the War on Terror,” Forthcoming chapter for Unsustainable Institutions of Men, edited by Jeff Hearn, Ernesto Vasquez del Aguila, and Marina Hughson, Routledge

Close Watch of a Distant Manager:  Multisurveillance by Transnational Clients in Indian Call Centres,”  2017.  Pp. 151-180 in Humans and Machines at Work: Monitoring, Surveillance and Automation in Contemporary Capitalism, edited by Phoebe Moore, Martin Upchurch, and Xanthe Whittaker, Palgrave MacMillan.

Invisible Labor: Hidden Work in the Contemporary World, with Marion G. Crain and Miriam A. Cherry, University of California Press, 2016

Borders in Service: Enactments of Nation in Transnational Call Centers, with Kiran Mirchandani, University of Toronto Press, 2016