Invisible Labor: Hidden Work in the Contemporary World, with Marion G. Crain and Miriam A. Cherry, University of California Press

Borders in Service: Enactments of Nation in Transnational Call Centers, with Kiran Mirchandani, University of Toronto Press

Touring for our book Borders in Service, Kiran Mirchandani and I spoke on “Enactments of Nationhood in Transnational Call Centers” at the Canadian Association for Work & Labour Studies in Toronto

I spoke on “Activists Tracking Johns Tracking Sex Workers:  Multisurveillance in the Online Sex Trafficking Industry” at The Sexualities Project at Northwestern University Annual Workshop on “Stigma: Deviance, Criminality, and Sexualities” in April

I discussed automation and labor in the series “AI in Asia:  AI For Social Good,” organized by Digital Asia Hub and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, at Waseda University, Tokyo, in March

Forthcoming Talks

I continue to do fieldwork in India for my project funded by the National Science Foundation, The Hidden Back Office of Info-Tech: Rural and Prison Sourcing of Information and Communication Technology Labor

I’ll be presenting initial data from this work in September at the Society for the Social Studies of Science, Boston, in a talk titled “Maintenance Work for the Global Information Highway:  Village Data Processing Centers in India

My continuing source of inspiration and delight is the “Labor, Technology, Postcolonialism, and Feminism” reading group, which I founded with Kavita Philip and continue to organize and grow


“Crowd Work and Fair Labor Practices” with Miriam A. Cherry

“Globalization and Outsourcing,” with Nima Yolmo

“Shifting Masculinities in the South Asian Outsourcing Industry:  Hyper, Techno or Fusion?” with Yasmin Zaidi

“Virtual Receptionist with a Human Touch:  Opposing Pressures of Digital Automation and Outsourcing in Interactive Services”

“Women Body Screeners and the Securitization of Space in Indian Cities”

Recent Talks

Psychology Today, on emotion detection software in Indian call centers, in “Duet Ex Machina:  Fine-tuning the relationship between man and machine may be the biggest design challenge of all,” by David Berreby (May 2, 2016)

Work in Progress, on “Socially Benevolent Workplace Surveillance?”, in a blog post for the American Sociological Association’s Section on Work and Occupations, 2015

Books out last year

Rest in peace to my father, Mark Poster, 1941-2012, a pioneer of media, internet, and information studies, and a great dad.  See his obituary in the LA Times.

Winifred Poster, PhD

In Memoriam

This Fall, I’ll be teaching “Drones, Biometrics, and Surveillance” and “Global Human Rights” at Washington University, St. Louis.


See my worked discussed and quoted in

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/ International Affairs Program

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Articles out last year (more info on Publications page)

At the upcoming 4S, Society for Social Studies of Science, September in Boston, I am co-organizing a track of three panels on “Techno-Jobs and Capital” with Norma Möllers

I’ll be in the UK in October, first presenting “Close Watch of a Distant Manager:  Multisurveillance by Transnational Clients in Indian Call Centres” at a workshop on Quantified Workers in Precarity at Middlesex University London

Then I’ll be a participant at Changing Work, Changing Lives in the New Technological World, jointly sponsored by the UK Economic and Social Research Council and the US National Science Foundation, Directorate for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences, at the University of Liverpool

I will speak on “Gender and Cybersecurity” at CyberSeed, held at the University of Connecticut later in October

In November, I’ll present on “Racial Surveillance in the Digital Service Economy” at the Association for Humanist Sociology in Havana, Cuba (a project which I previously workshopped at Work, Labor, and Automation at Data & Society in New York in January)